Trilogy Fall of City Fall of Constantinople Fall the City

Trilogy Fall of City Fall of Constantinople Fall the City Fall Byzantine Rhapsody Opera Trilogy Fall of City Fall of Constantinople Fall the City trilogy download, fall book, city download, fall epub, constantinople pdf, fall epub, city mobile, fall download, byzantine ebok, rhapsody kindle, opera kindle, Trilogy Fall book, of City download, Trilogy Fall of City Fall of Constantinople Fall the City Fall Byzantine Rhapsody OperaFall of City kindle, Fall of City Fall of book, Trilogy Fall of City Fall of Constantinople Fall the City Fall Byzantine Rhapsody Opera PDF/EPUBNIKOS KOLESIS SYNOPSIS of City MOBI ò TRILOGY FALL OF CITY FALL OF CONSTANTINOPLE Trilogy Fall Epub / FALL THE CITY FALL BYZANTINE RHAPSODY OPERAFROM THE NOVEL FALL OF Fall of City ePUB ☆ CITYWROTE THEATRE AND OPERAPlanetary Odysseus and his haotic companionsthey went through the wormhole of big time The opening led to New Rome, ConstantinopleThe Ottomans myriads fought fiercely to conquer the impregnable CityAllahu Akbar Allahu Akbarthe shouting fanatics attackingaccompanied from nakarades and drumsThey were determined to sacrifice themselves for othersto conquer the Other life, the Paradise MEHMED B SULTANInevitably this citybe conquered by me,It is written in KismetThe Hadith the Prophet saidthat the city will fallConstantine XI Palaeologus, the great king ordered imperial officialsto prepare the big palace,to greet the warriors of lightThe Last Emperor waited majesticIn the hall of Ttriconch, sitting onImperial throne, with the Grand DukeLukas NotarasLOUKAS NOTARAS Divine Odysseus and you fearless comradeswelcome in City who keeps God,you saw we are in situation of siege ODYSSEUS I am together glad and feel sorry that I meet under these circumstances,the last Emperor of Constantinople,and the Grand Duke Lucas NotarasNSTANTINE XI PALAIOLOGOS Resourceful king of Ithacayou who live inside the opening of big time,that transforms and become Other,tell us about the End of the end, the fate of the CityODYSSEUS Does not exist End It is Lost in An endlessWe are players of the Gamethat Playing usTime is Game,Time is War and HarmonyNSTANTINE XI PALAIOLOGOS Tell us immortal Kingfor the fate of ConstantinopleODYSSEUS The end of the end began long agoIt is already late, too lateto reverse the battleAll together, the imperial procession and the Warriorsof light directed to the Hagia Sophia to prayMEHMED B SULTANOnly one thing I think constantly how to conquer the City of cities,whole nights I stayed awakemy eyes became deep red from the cry, Because she still did not become mine LOUKAS NOTARAS I radically disagree with the Union of two Churches, better I see Turkish turban in Constantinopledespite the Popish TiaraNobody forgetsthat the Crusaders conquered the city,they burned and looted Constantinople inUnionistsUNION UNIONOnly then we will be savedfrom the destruction and havoc anti unionistConstantine spacer spacer,Cardinal Isidorereturned to Rome with your unleavened bread,we do Not want other,you turned back to Rome and the PopeNSTANTINE XI PALAIOLOGOS EMPERORBrothers brothers there is still time not be seduced by the great anger,this means the end of empireNothing yet endedDay and night Constantine on the wallsanimated the defenders of ConstantinopleSultan Mehmed B read sacred quotesfrom the Quran declaring the siegeagainst the City of cities, began the siegeAll members of Divan waiting motionlessin their positions Sultan came inand with movement of hand made meaning to sit MEHMED B The City resists bravely, residents fought with faithnobody crossed the Golden Horn,the Liquid Fire reaps our fighters,what you say andarl Halil Pasha CANDARLI HALIL PASHAConstantinople is the flower of the East,with beautiful palaces and fabulous treasures,It has ornate temples, but also has impregnable walls,the residents seem determined to die for her The losses are big and do not knowhow much longer will keep the SiegeAK SEMSEDDINThe City will be fallthis is the Hadith of the great prophetNDARLI HALIL PASHAThe pope with the Venetiansafter the union of the two churches,prepare a crusade to save ConstantinopleIt is the suitable moment becoming agreement with the besiegedNSULTANTS CANDARLI HALIL PASHAPeace Peacewe want peaceAK SEMSEDDINThe Hadith of great prophethe says the city will fallOTHER CONSULTANTS AK SEMSEDDINWar Warwe want warLTAN MEHMED B The siege continued until fall the cityThe sons of Osman will not stop in frontthe walls of ConstantinopleL TOGETHERAllahu AkbarAllahu AkbarThe air smelled of gunpowder, sweat, burnt flesh, bloodA wild opera, a massacre of people conduced n and around the walls of ConstantinopleODYSSEUS The Greeks are killed before our eyes,mowed like earsForward my brave comradesshow what is the Greek Immortals SoulYou Peridis with Evrylocho in Theomorphou,Citizen stays near meThe Others share the other gates,we will stay at the gate of St Romanuswith the Emperor and GiustinianiAround the Gate of St Romanoswas played one of the greatest tragedies of historyNever a gate in the past had so much importance for the evolution of the worldThe Greeks threw Fluid Fire over the wallsburning alive the TurksThe first heroic Janissaries stepped their legs,over the unconquerable walls,They raised the hands up shouting ecstaticYou died Ahmed set fire as firebrand with a bow nailed in your neck Rightly you gained the share of Paradise, Light is the earth that covers you The battle was given Body with Body hands, legs, heads mow as cobs ellies disembowel and guts are thrown outwhile the blood was jumping like a jetLOUKAS NOTARAS Unionists with Palaeologuswould surrender the city to the Pope,we want cooperation with young PantisachNSTANTINE XI PALAIOLOGOS The party of the great Vizier andarl Halil Pasha wants peace and compromise with the besiegedThe Greek generals fight bravelyTheodore Karystinos in the golden gateAndronikos Katakouzinos, Logothetis Frantzis,the great Duke Lucas Notaras,Contarini, Leonardo and other VenetiansA whisper began to be heard from mouth in mouth, those who listened to him were cut the breathing and the legs, after the brave Greeks started to say hard They heard the attackers Turkishand they did loud cryL TOGETHERFALL THE CITYFALLThe souls of Greeks thrown out of her mouth,as if they lost in the abyssRAPSODOSGreeks left Kekroporta openfrom there entered the Turks,the great betrayal had happenedGreeks pulled the latchand unlocked the doorJanissaries entered from therediffusing havoc,the great betrayal had occurredThe last Greek emperor was fighting aloneThe gate of St RomanusNSTANTINE XI PALAIOLOGOS There is a Christian take me the headThe last Greek king went down from the horse, divinely beautiful with the shield in hand,and the naked sword in the otherught at the gate of St Romanuslooking at straight in the eyes the death A swords found the king in person,and he retaliated immediately,another in the chestand rushed like a lion against allKilled countless enemiesbut he was all alone,similar to Angel of ParadiseFrom behind found the emperor a solid swords poisonousAfter another strongerand he fell down dead,This last Greek emperor,Eternal grief in the centuries Fall the CityFallWhole neighborhoods burned three days,the ships left loaded with countless worldgold, jewelry, money and immense wealthThe mothers cried and searching the children,the Greeks paid with their livesHeartbreaking heard the screaming of womenthat were raped into the houses from JanissariesThose who were lucky and survived, will sell slaves in the slave markets of EastODYSSEUSWhat happened to Helen Palaeologuswhatever I asked no one know that is found Maybe a beautiful death found Beautiful Helen, maybe escaped with Venetian boat in VeniceMehmed B the Conqueror entered from the gateSaint Romanus, riding a snow white horseoverjoyed as if passing the gate of paradiseIn front went the Janissaries,followed by the Viziers, the Pashas, Satrapides while around was the personal security and right the SpachidesALL TOGETHERMehmed the ConquerorMEHMED THE CONQUERORAs a sign of utmost humiliationI kneel to take a handful of soilto throw in my head,respecting the one and only god of IslamAll together, let us turn to the Eastand pray to AllahHMED THE CONQUERORWhat happened to Constantine Palaeologuswhere are the rulersURTIERS Just beyondawaits the great Duke Lucas Notarasand many Greeks rulersLOUKAS NOTARAS My Sultan we submit our respects MEHMED THE CONQUERORWhy you did not deliver immediately the City,and you let unjustly spilled so much bloodLOUKAS NOTARASthe emperor signed the Unionand betrayed OrthodoxyHMED B And where is the emperorwhy you are not with himTARAS LUKEExisted resistanceand in your own camp my SultanThe party of Peace with andarl Halil Pasha helped the Unionists and the emperor,they wanted compromiseHMED B Tsaousides to find where is the great Vizierand immediately presented before meFind the body of emperor as becomes fasterThe head of Constantine Paleologosfor days was over the column of Constantine,they recognized the emperor in the other corpses,from Tsangia that woreWhen the Greeks gathered in the great square,the executioner took their heads with order of SultanExecutioners led Lucas Notarasand his sons in the center of Square,to see the whole world that was executed the great Duke Lucas NotarasLOUKAS NOTARASMy children come to embraceand all together we prayIn our Lord Jesus Christ,asking to forgive us,It is so much fair and mercifulFirst they took the heads of two sons and then Luke Notaras Proudly accepted the Fatal asking forgivenessfrom all Greek for what he didResourceful Odysseus did not bear anotherand he jumped like serval front of Sultantaking the form of death,while those around seemedhow he was a divine Greek Knight,for Mehmed had the form of Angel of DeathKnelt the great conquerorand began begging and implore leave him to live little still MEHMED B How to leaveall this grandeur and gloryODYSSEUS Slowly slowly it retakes his regular form Big Conqueroreach person is a holy entity and as such should be faced, and not as something lifeless without any valueHMED B Fool GreekI do not accept your advice,how dare you how dare youguards arrest himThe faithful companions were thrown beside him like pixies to help the mythical king of IthacaAn invisible force kept motionless the Ottomans,but they understood what was happening aroundLTANNobody can tell mewhat to do, what to thinkI know how mortal I amand that one day I will dieWho you areODYSSEUS The NoneI am the resourceful Odysseus King of Ithaca,with my companions we live inside the openingFearless warriors of light remaining Samewe make the travel of Eternal ReturnHMED B Great kingthen you can understand me,I have heard and read about youYou lived the fall of Constantinopleand you know what I pulled to conquer,I risked my life and the empireODYSSEUS As long as exist persons you must respect them,you can not dothat you do not understandNight they left from Constantinopleweeping black tear, leaving behindthe city of cities in the darkness of TyrannyIthaca went invisible without the seen no onea dense cloud covered the legendary shipProud sailed to Other Byzantium to the Democracy of VeniceHE CHRONICLE OF THE HOUSE OF OSMANSultan Mehmed Khan GhaziSon of Sultan Khan Ghazi,Twenty years conquered the Cityand died forty nineNDARLI HALIL PASHAWas captured the thousand year old cityonly that I wait for is the Executioner Fall the CityFallCANDARLI HALIL PASHAMehmed loves the Cityforty days in the cell of towerthat I built myself, make me see the world differentlyPaskesen unfolds dumb at length of sea DANCEDied andarl Halil Pashawithout saying a wordhe died as befits a brave,In a andarl Halil PashaRAPSODOSForty nine yearsdied Sultan Mehmed Khan GhaziLate late languished from the poisonthat gave him his doctor Jakub,paid him the Venetians with many golden ducatsPantisach died one day of Maylike the one that conquered the City,filled with foams the mouth and beardDANCEDie Mehmed the ConquerorDie Mehmed the ConquerorRAPSODOSDervishes dancing ecstaticallyIn always faster rythms, with the music of tambourine and crustsFirst they raises the head leftand lowered violent left in the part of the heartBarefoot in situation of ecstasy they was turned until they feel the void, the infinity of world, Himself the Self EVERYTHINGTHIS IS THE DEMOCRACY OF BIG TIMETHIS IS THE STORYNIKOS KOLESIS.

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  • Trilogy Fall of City Fall of Constantinople Fall the City Fall Byzantine Rhapsody Opera
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Trilogy Fall of City Fall of Constantinople Fall the City trilogy download, fall book, city download, fall epub, constantinople pdf, fall epub, city mobile, fall download, byzantine ebok, rhapsody kindle, opera kindle, Trilogy Fall book, of City download, Trilogy Fall of City Fall of Constantinople Fall the City Fall Byzantine Rhapsody OperaFall of City kindle, Fall of City Fall of book, Trilogy Fall of City Fall of Constantinople Fall the City Fall Byzantine Rhapsody Opera PDF/EPUBAUTHOR S KOLESIS of City MOBI ò FOR MEWROTE ALL TYPES OF LITERATURE VELS, Trilogy Fall Epub / NOVELLAS, POETRY, PHILOSOPHY etcSO WROTE THEATER PLAYS THAT MADE OPERASWRITE IN Fall of City ePUB ☆ BOTH GREEK AND ENGLISHMORE THAN BOOKS IN TWO LANGUAGESComposers from the most important in Greece, Europe America Japan China they wrote the musicMTheodorakis, T Antoniou, G Andreou,G Lazaridis, D Papadimitriou, T Mikroutsikos, Pierangelo Conte and othersWriting from an early ageTETRALOGY ELECTRAS CYCLES ELECTRAS CYCLES KING AGAMEMNON CLYTEMNESTRA POST ORESTEIA CHAOSMOSTHEATER OPERA open the way for larger theaters and opera houses,Also TETRALOGY OEDIPUS CYCLES THEBES OEDIPUS CYCLES ANTIGONE OF THEBES JOCASTA THEBAN CYCLEANTIGONE ELECTRA Oedipus Cycles THEATER OPERAMARIA CALLAS GREEK MYTHTHEATER OPERA gaveimpetusand gave stability to the areaMONOLOGUE OF ALEXANDER GREEK AMERICAN RHAPSODY NOVELFROM NOVEL WROTE FOUR THEATRE PLAYS AND OPERAS A CODE GREEK CIVIL WARB LOS ANGELES EX MACHINE GODC HOTEL CALIFORNIA COMEDY D MARIA CALLAS A GREEK MYTH Collaborated with Directors Actors Singers PublishersAlso I have worked with Magazines NewspapersAnd others from all over the world NOVELS AND NOVELLAS THEY BROUGHT ME IN CONTACTWITH MORE READERSFROM THE ALL WORLDOPEN ODYSSEY Eternal Return Odysseus NOVEL TRILOGY TRILOGY FALL OF CITY FALL OF CONSTANTINOPLE NOVELOPEN VENETIAN RHAPSODY THE GREEKS OF VENICE Brotherhood of St NicholasNOVEL TETRALOGYTRILOGY LOST ATLANTIS OR DEMOCRACY OF BIG TIMENOVELTRILOGY A MAN OF ALL TIMES Golden Code NOVELAND TETRALOGY OF COMIC NOVELMore at Google Goodreadsnikos kolesisor books by nikos kolesisauthor page nikos kolesisnikoskolesis com nikos kolesiswriter nikos kolesisTRILOGY FALL OF CITY FALLOPEN ODYSSEY NOVELTETRALOGY A MAN OF ALL TIMES NOVEL NIKOS KOLESISGREEK AMERICAN RHAPSODYTRILOGY A MAN OF ALL TIMES Golden Code A NOVEL eBookOPEN VENETIAN RHAPSODYTRILOGY LOST ATLANTIS OR DEMOCRACY OF BIG TIME TETRALOGY BATTLE FROGS DIVINE COMEDY FROGS EGGS etcRIA CALLAS A GREEK MYTH THEATER OPERABy Nikos Kolesismusic Dimitris Papadimitriou ALEXANDER THE GREAT THEATER OPERABy Nikos Kolesismusic George Lazaridis CODE GREEK CIVIL WAR BATTEL OF ATHENS THEATER OPERA By Nikos Kolesismusic Thanos Mikroutsikos TETRALOGY BATTLE FROGS WILD COMEDYOTHER LYSISTRATA THEATER OPERABy Nikos Kolesismusic Thanos Mikroutsikos TRILOGY OEDIPUS CYCLES Theban Cycle ANTIGONE ELECTRA Oedipus Cycles THEATER OPERA By Nikos Kolesismusic Dimitris Papadimitriou VENETIAN TETRALOGY GREAT MICHELANGELO AND FAMOUS SOPHIA PISANI THEATER OPERABy Nikos Kolesismusic G Andre u TRILOGY ATHENIAN DEMOCRACY Prometheus Savior Oedipus Cycles Antigone of Thebes Bacchae Kitheronas A THEATER OPERABy Nikos Kolesismusic G Andre uSame titlesDante, Odysseas and GiocontaILOGY FALL OF CITY FALL OF CONSTANTINOPLE FALL THE CITY FALL BYZANTINE RHAPSODY THEATER OPERA By Nikos KolesisMusic George Lazaridis NOVELSOPEN VENETIAN RHAPSODYTHE GREEKS OF VENICEBrotherhood of St Nicholas NOVEL By Nikos Kolesis TRILOGY FALL OF CITY FALL OF CONSTANTINOPLE FALL THE CITY FALL Roman Rhapsody Byzantine Rhapsody NOVEL.

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