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Floral Craftsmanship Floral Craftsmanship eBook È Paperback floral book, craftsmanship kindle, Floral CraftsmanshipFloral Craftsmanship ePUBOne of the sources of inspiration for Floral Design is technique, or craftsmanship A designer who has professional techniques, processes and craft skills at the finger tips will always find ever exciting new ways to present the beauty and variety of flowers and plants This is the reason Floral Craftsmanship provides a wide range of inspirations, systematically illustrating the processes involved inactivities and techniques of Floral Design, introducing each one in word and image and describing the concrete use of each one on the basis ofindividual arrangementsSeveral step by step photos and sketches provide a detailed explanation of the constructions and arrangements Helpful supporting constructions are also described, as are several forms and shapes that can be used in various different ways, plus the most cost effective floral materials and other componentsToday especially, as and people wish to learn and experience Floral Design, the subject is transforming into an exciting mixture of landscape design, table design and ornamental culture This book is a response to this tendency Gregor Lersch s name vouches for the professional integrity of the work new perspectives are provided to an entire profession, the identity of the profession is expanded, yet always retaining its definition through flowers and plants.