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Dance of the Jakaranda Dance of the Jakaranda PDF/EPUB ↠ Dance of eBook dance download, jakaranda free, Dance of mobile, Dance of the JakarandaDance of the Jakaranda PDFThis funny, perceptive and ambitious work of historical fiction by a Kenyan poet and novelist explores his countrys colonial past and its legacy through the stories of three men involved with the building of a railroad linking Lake Victoria and the Indian Ocean what the Kikuyu called the Iron Snake and the British called the Lunatic Express New York Times Book Review, Editors Choice Kimani has done a game job managing the carpentry of this ambitious novel, bringing great skill to the task of deploying multiple story lines, huge leaps back and forth in Dance of eBook ç time and the withholding and distribution of informationOnce Kimani has his plotlines all set, his writing relaxes, and its here that you can see his raw talentI have never read a novel about Kenya thats so funny, so perceptive, so subversive and so sly New York Times Book Review Destined to become one of the greatsThis is not hyperbole its a masterpiece The Gazette A multi racial nation building tale that begins during the construction of the railway from Mombasa to Nairobi There are three men at its heart two white, a British administrator known as Master and an Anglican minister one brown, an Indian technician who sires a male child, a birth that will reverberate down through the years Toronto Star A fascinating part of Kenyas history, real and imagined, is revealed and reclaimed by one of its own Minneapolis Star Tribune But the novel has waystrengths than I can describe here, including the beauty of lyrical narration that combines irony, flashback, humour, allusions and inter textual references, all of which are expertly manipulated to give the reader a gem of a story populated by composite characters, a story that, though revisiting old themes and times, does so with the freshness that one would expect of established literary geniuses Daily Nation The author has built here not only, on these pages, not only a railroad, but the singular triumph of a highly diverting novel Besides weaving an excellent plot line, he offers the reader a classic, understated writing style that haunts much of this book, turns it into a minor masterpiece RALPH Magazine, Starred review Peter Kimani, an acclaimed writer and poet, has brilliantly constructed this novels plot His lyrical prose, such as portraying the train as a massive snakelike creature, and his breathtaking descriptions of Gods country bring the beauty of the land before our eyes Historical Novels ReviewSet in the shadow of Kenya s independence from Great Britain, Dance of the Jakaranda reimagines the special circumstances that brought black, brown and white men together to lay the railroad that heralded the birth of the nationThe novel traces the lives and loves of three men preacher Richard Turnbull, the colonial administrator Ian McDonald, and Indian technician Babu Salim whose lives intersect when they are implicated in the controversial birth of a child Years later, when Babu s grandson Rajan who ekes out a living by singing Babu s epic tales of the railway s construction accidentally kisses a mysterious stranger in a dark nightclub, the encounter provides the spark to illuminate the three men s shared, murky pastWith its riveting multiracial, multicultural cast and diverse literary allusions, Dance of the Jakaranda could well be a story of globalization Yet the novel is firmly anchored in the African oral storytelling tradition, its language a dreamy, exalted, and earthy mix that creates new thresholds of identity, providing a fresh metaphor for race in contemporary Africa.

  • Paperback
  • 344
  • Dance of the Jakaranda
  • Peter Kimani
  • English
  • 12 August 2017
  • 161775496X

About the Author: Peter Kimani

Dance of the Jakaranda PDF/EPUB ↠ Dance of eBook dance download, jakaranda free, Dance of mobile, Dance of the JakarandaDance of the Jakaranda PDFPeter Kimani is a leading African writer of his generation Born in in Kenya, he started his career as a journalist and has published several works of fiction and poetry He was one of only three international poets commissioned by National Public Radio to compose and present a poem to mark Barack Obama s inauguration in January Kimani earned his doctorate in Creative Writing and Literature from the University of Houston s Creative Writing Program in , and is a faculty member at Aga Khan University s Graduate School of Media and Dance of eBook ç Communications in Nairobi Dance of the Jakaranda is his third novel.

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