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C# For Beginners: The tactical guidebook - Learn CSharp by coding C# For Beginners: The tactical guidebook - Learn CSharp by beginners: free, tactical pdf, guidebook ebok, learn ebok, csharp pdf, coding pdf, C# For kindle, Beginners: The pdf, C# For Beginners: The tactical guidebook - Learn CSharp by codingFor Beginners: The ebok, For Beginners: The tactical guidebook pdf, C# For Beginners: The tactical guidebook - Learn CSharp by coding PDF/EPUBThis book is primarily aimed Beginners: The PDF ☆ towards developers who are new C# For ePUB ¶ to C , have none or very limited prior experience with For Beginners: The PDF Ç C and are up for a CHALLENGE The book does not presuppose that you have any prior C knowledge since the purpose of the book is to teach you just that Even if you already have created a couple of small C projects on your own or have been developing applications for a while you might find the content in this book useful as a refresher The first part describes the fundamentals of the C language such as variables, loops and methods The book then gets progressivelychallenging, describing, among other things, object oriented programming, generics, multithreading, asynchronous operations and reflection The content is tactical, practical and highly modular to make it easier for you to learn This mean that you actually have to read and implement the exercises in order to learn everything the book teaches It is not recommended that you only read the book conceptually from cover to cover the best way to learn is to be tactical and actually implement the practical exercises after reading each chapter If you are aspiring to take the Microsoft exam this book can be a great complement to thetraditional encyclopedic books on the market in that it contains many complete examples and exercises that you can implement to deepen your understanding of C The author has worked professionally with C since it was released and as a Microsoft Certified Instructor for a number of years teaching C , Visual Basic and the Framework Read what a former student has to say about the book Where to begin If someone asked me just off the street, how do you learn the basics of programming this is the book I would point to Having myself spent hundreds of dollars on expensive and quite frankly, not very indulging C reference books or encyclopedias , I am very fortunate and now as I realise that this method of teaching exists, frustrated to have stumbled upon this one The layout of the book speaks for itself Read a concise, to the point description about the basics of what you are about to implement, follow the implementation step by step and review the code run it Rinse and repeat It is really simple and just as powerful a concept, if not , than actually having a teacher standing by your side guiding you If you find the ,, steps dull and too easy, go do the implementation yourself and you will still find yourself learning alot by reviewing how the author implemented the code This is truly how to learn fast and still be able to pick up those gems of advice that will take you countless of hours to find out yourself, while still maintaining a level of curiosity none of the other books I ve read on programming has ever done You are literally reading a story book This is a story with you, as a reader, involved with the creation of a program The author smooths out the rough edges and all the non essentials to give you a pleasant, first hand experience of how a program should be constructed Just as mastering any craft, mastering programming is not about learning everything at once Instead you incrementally build your knowledge for a complete understanding and eventually see how the pieces fit togheter This book is the trademark of a master conveying the art of storytelling as a technical User Story for the un initiated, but eager to learn student In much the same way as a good fictional book would ve done, this book literally grasps you and engages you in learning, that is if you invest the time required If you have ever found yourself scrolling through MSDN to learn something fundamental about the nature of the C language and feeling a slight sensation of despair this is your remedy In other words this book is great, read it and become Informed Rony LindgrenJonas started a company back infocusing on education in Microsoft Office and the Microsoft operating systems While still studying at the university in , he wrote his first book about Widowsas well as a number of course materials In the year , after working as a Microsoft Office developer consult ant for a couple of years, he wrote his second book about Visual BasicBetweenandhe worked as a Microsoft instructor with two of the largest educational companies in Sweden First teaching Visual Basic , and when Visual Basic and C were released he started teaching these languages as well as the Framework Teaching classes on all levels for beginner to advanced developers From the year , Jonas shifted his career towards consulting once again, working hands on with the languages and framework he taught Jonas wrote his third book C programming aimed at beginners to intermediate developers inand now inhis fourth book C for beginners The Tactical Guide Book was published.

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