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Black Pawn Black Pawn PDF/EPUB È Paperback black book, pawn ebok, Black PawnBlack Pawn PDF/EPUBFour centuries have passed since the rule of the Darkling Empire, but has their time come again Two heirs to the throne of Vallon are born One of the Light One of the Darkness Due to the perversity of nature, and subsequent king s command, a birthright is switched The Darkling Empire has their champion he is Lycien, Prince Nybright of the royal house of Vallon He leads with fear, deceit, and treachery He commands the necromantic powers taught him by the surviving Darkling people The rightful heir to the throne of Vallon and the pride of his people is the brother, Prince Shander Nybright He leads with patience, kindness, and the insurmountable skill with a blade taught to him by his uncle Windiin Vallon has been at peace for so long, but the empire will need the King s champion and a child of the light to withstand the evil that has been waiting for all this time to regain control of the Darkling Empire.